A brief history about Getting 2 the root of it all

GETTING 2 THE ROOT OF IT ALL was created in Kingston, New York. Quality products and good customer service is the mainstay of the family. Every product gives complete ingredient listings, letting you know exactly what it is that you are buying and putting on your skin. Every product has been tested by the owner as well as many of the various skin types. Pure, natural ingredients and botanicals are used. If an item doesn’t meet our standards of high-quality… you, the customer, will never see the product.

Our mission is to create herbal remedies for the mind, body and soul. Our purpose is to serve, educate, and heal individuals as well as enrich the environment.

In 2022, I began to research all-natural ingredients and formulas for Tub tea blends, milk bath soak, massage oils, herbal and medical tinctures, salves and balms and much more. Through trial and error I experimented with formulas and created my own product line.

I prefer to blend each customer’s order at the time they place their order. I feel that with this approach, your product is fresh and made especially for you.

GETTING 2 THE ROOT OF IT ALL believes that Mother Nature has all you need to heal without any additives, chemicals, or man-made products. In order to establish this, we must GET TO THE ROOT OF IT ALL!!

Don’t hesitate to call or write with products you would like to see developed. GETTING 2 THE ROOT OF IT ALL thanks you for your time and your order.